1- A: Does she ----------- at six in the morning? B: Yes, she does.

a) get up b) gets up c) has d)look

نمونه1- A: Does she ----------- at six in the morning? B: Yes, she does.

a) get up b) gets up c) has d)look

2- My friend ----------- the radio now.

a) is listening to b) listens to c) listen to d) are listening to

3- The boy is ----------- an ice cream .

a) drinking b) eating c) practicing d) talking

4- There are ----------- days in a month.

a) three b) seven c) thirteen d) thirty

5- We learn a lot of things ----------- books.

a) for b) in c) of d) from

6- A: Do you ----------- TV in the evening ? B: Yes, we do.

a) always watch b) sometimes c) watches d) watch usually

7- We ----------- at school at 7.

a) is often b) often is c) are often d) often are

8- A: Is he a fat man? B: No, he is -----------

a) long b) thin c)tall d) small

9- My friend ----------- bicycle is blue .

a) 's b) on c) of d) in

-10which word has different sound ?

a) happy b) by c) baby d) ready

second stepمرحله دوم

11which word has different sound ?

a) old b) home c) woman d) open

12-which word doesnt have /aυ/ sound ?

a) now b) how c) know d) brown

-13 the odd word out

a) milk b) camel c) tiger d) lion

14. Ali is thin but his brother is ----------------

a) thin b) tall c) long d) fat

15. A: Do you see Ali and Reza? B: Yes, I see ----------------

a) they b) their c) them d) a and c

16. There is ---------------- bread on the table.

a) a little b) many c) some d) a and c

17. I ---------------- to the radio last night.

a) listened b) am listening c) listen d) listens

18. ---------------- you see him?

a) Do b) Does c) Did d) a and c

19. I have some ---------------- in my wallet.

a) money b) books c) rice d) rulers

20. A: What is this? B: It's ----------------

a) the table of the leg b) the leg of the table

c) the leg's table c) the table's leg

third stepمرحله سوم

21. I -------- a dictionary between 6 and 7 last night.

1) buy 2) was buying 3) bought 4) am buying

22. A: How does Amin drive? B: He drives --------.

1) careful 2) good 3) fast 4) careless

23. Did you -------- in your uncle's house?

1) stay 2) cross 3) use 4) break

24. A: Why did you go to the hospital? B: Because I --------.

1) had a break 2) had a headache 3) got the ticket 4) got late

25. Which word has a different sound?

1) head 2) meat 3) bread 4) feather

26. A: May I leave the classroom now? B: Sorry, you --------.

1) should 2) can't 3) don't 4) aren't

27. Life is -------- in some countries, because we should work hard.

1) difficult 2) cheap 3) holy 4) easy

Read the text

Ali is my good friend. He helps me with my lessons. Last summer, he bought an

expensive book for me. He likes football very much.

28. How does Ali help his friend?

1) bought a book for him 2) is a very good friend

3) helps him with his lessons 4) likes football very much

Grade 3پایه سوم

. 1Which word has different sound

a) about

b) ground

c) should

d) house


2. Did you buy that book? No, I had a little --------------

a) cake

b) coffee

c) milk

d) money

3. Mr Amini wanted some bread, so he went to the --------------

a) baker's

b) butcher's

c) bookstore

d) garden

4. What do you look like? I am --------------

a) a student

b) 13 years old

c) short and fat

d) in grade

5. What were you doing in the morning? I -------------- football.

a) am playing

b) were playing

c) play

d) was playing

6. Are your shoes new? No, I clean -------------- every morning.

a) them

b) that

c) it

d) they

7. My father is a famo_s teacher.

a) a

b) u

c) i

d) e

8. Which word has different sound?

a) asked

b) helped

c) played

d) washed

9. It is hot. Please -------------- your jacket.

a) turn on

b) wake up

c) take off

d) get up

10. I get home at 2:00 every day. Get means --------------

a) arrive

b) sleep

c) stay

d) comb

11. Maryam didn't go to work yesterday. She had a headache. She was at home and --------------

a) played

b) took

c) rode

d) rested

12. How old are you? I am --------------

a) in grade 3 

b) fifteen

c) tall and thin

d) a writer

13. My English teacher speaks --------------

a) easy

b) slow

c) bad

d) well

14. Who -------------- that newspaper? Reza did.

a) reads

b) read

c) was reading

d) is reading

15. I have some rel_tives in Isfahan.

a) a

b) e

c) i

d) o

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