1- What colour are -------- bags?

a) those b) they c) this d) that

1- What colour are -------- bags?

a) those b) they c) this d) that

2- She is his --------.

a) father b) mother c) brother d) boy

3- A: Are you doctors ? B: yes, -------- .

a) I am b) you are c) we are d) they are

4- I have -------- apples .

a) an b) a c) one d) two

5- -------- Mina a dress?

a) Has b) Is c) Have d) Are

6- This ruler --------.

a) green is b) is green c) are green d) green

7- They are --------.

a) red car b) cars red c) red cars D) a red car

8- -------- many books on the table?

a) Is there b) There are c) Are there d) Isn't there

9- A: -------- map is it ? B: It's Ahmad's map .

a) What b) How c) Whose d) What colour

10- She has a pen . It, s -------- pen .

a) her b) my c) our d) his

second step

11. They are -------------

a) blue cup b) cup c) a blue cup d) blue cups

12. There is a car ------------- the street.

a) in b) on c) under d) to

13. A: Is this your book? B: No, it's not ------------- book.

a) your b) his c) my d) her

14. What time is it? B: It's -------------

a) half past two b) two past half c) thirty past two d) a and c

15. There are ------------- apples on the desk.

a) a b) an c) one d) many

16. Please point ------------- the door.

a) in b) to c) on d) under

17. ------------- look at your book, please.

a) Aren't b) Isn't c) haven't d) Don't

18. twenty, thirty, forty, -------------, sixty

a) seventy b) fifty c) eighty d) ninety

-19 which word has different sound ?

a) nine b) fine c) white d) soldier

-20 the odd word out .

a) neck b) nose c) baby d) lip

third step

21. The children -------- Persian at this time.

1) practice 2) practices 3) are practicing 4) is practicing

22. -------- our father -------- his breakfast at 7:00 in the morning.

1) Is / eating 2) Do / eat 3) Is / eat 4) Does / eat

23. A: -------- works in the library? B: My friend "Mr Amini".

1) Whose 2) Who 3) How 4) Where

24. Which word has a different sound?

1) thirty 2) Thursday 3) then 4) thanks

25. It' lunch time? Let's -------- home.

1) goes 2) go 3) going 4) is going

26. That boy is -------- his jacket.

1) pointing to 2) putting on 3) getting up 4) writing on

27. My friend and I -------- on Hafez Ave in Shiraz.

1) live 2) like 3) leave 4) need

Read the text

This is our school library. You see many books in this library. My friend and I go

there on Mondays. We study our books and read a newspaper in the library. We

leave there at 11:00 in the morning.

28. When do those boys go to the library?

1) They go there every day. 2) They go there every Monday.

3) They go there in the afternoon. 4) They go there in the evening

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