Are those my books?
1) Those are your book

زبان انگليسي


Are those my books?
1) Those are your book.
2)Those are your books.
3) This is your book.
4) That is your books.

  44. كدام گزينه به ترتيب پاسخ پرسش هاي زير مي باشد؟

a) when do you study?
b) where do you study?
1.a) In my room
b)On Thursday and Fridays

2.a)In half an hour.
b) In the class

3. a) Two days a week.
b) In the street

4.a)On Thursdays and Friday
b) In my room

  45. كدام مورد درست است؟

1) This is an apple
2) This are an apple
3) This is a apple
4) This are apple

  46. كلمه ناهماهنگ كدام است؟

1) father
2) sister
3) mother
4) family


47. I ……….English now.

1) practice
2) are practicing
3) am practicing
4)am practice


48. what are they doing?

1) Theyre doing watch Tv.
2) They watching TV.
3) They doing watch Tv.
4) They are watching Tv.


49. Does he play football everyday?

No, he …. Football on Sunday and Wednesdays.  


50. These students …….go to school on Thurdays.

1) doesn’t

زبان انگليسي

66. املاي كدام كلمه با توجه به معني نادرست است؟

1)practice: تمرين كردن
face: صورت
wash: شستن
leter: نامه

67. we ……..eating lunch.
1) dosent
2) aren’t
4( isn’t

  68 با توجه به كلمه ي داخل پرانتز تغيير يافته ي جمله كدام است؟They read newpaper everyday.(now)

1) They reading newspaper now.
2) They read newspaper now.
3) They are reading newspaper now.
4) They were reading newspaper now.

69. Ali was in the park ……….
1) now
2) yesterday
3)on Mondays

70. The lesson…….easy.It ……..hard.
1) wasn’t , isn’t

71. what grade…… last year?
1) was
2) were

72.Today is Tuesday.
1) is wednesday
2) is Monday
3) was Wednesday
4) was Monday

  73. گرامر كدام جمله نادرست است؟

1) my Teacher was in the library now.
2) Friday is the weekend in our country.
3) Ali is going the cinema now
4) I go school every day.

74. were your friends in the park last week?
1) They were
2) They weren’t
3) They was
4)They wasn’t

املاي كدام كلمه با توجه به معني درست است؟
1) child (سرما)
2) office(
4) tird(

66. با توجه به شكل در جاي خالي كدام گزينه قرار مي گيرد؟

A:what are those?

1) Those are tree.
3) These are trees.
2) Those are trees.
4) That is a tree.

67. جمله ي
That is ai tall boy را به چه شكل ديگري (با چه تركيب ديگري) مي توان نوشت؟

1) That tall is a boy.
2) That boy is tall
3) That tall is boy.
4) That boy is a tall

68. باتوجه به شكل ، كدام گزينه درست است؟

1) That book is her.
2) That book is him.
3) That is parvins book.
4) That is books prvin.

69. كدام گزينه براي جاي خالي مناسب است؟

It is a bell. It is red. It is a ……… 1) bell red
2) red tall
3)bells red
4) red bells

70. املاي كدام لغت درست نمي باشد؟

1) ludk like
2) people
3) ice-cream
4) beautiful

71.تلفظ «
Y» در كدام گزينه با بقيه متفاوت است؟

1) happy
2) baby
3) sky
4) country

72. در متن زير، كدام گزينه جاهاي خالي را درست پر مي كند؟

Dare maryam Thanks for …..nice picture. …….is very beautiful. ….friend Zahra 1) it,you,my
2) my,it,your
3) this , your.your

73. دركدام گزينه اشتباه گرامري وجود دارد؟

1) He always cone late.
2) The house is old.
3)Dose he read a lot of books?
4) Those are my books.

74. در مكالمه ي روبه رو كدام گزينه پاسخ را كامل مي كند؟

A:Do you come to house with your sisters? B: yes , I come to house with….. 1) theirs
2) them
3) him

75.كدام گزينه شكل درست كلمات به هم ريخته ي زير مي باشد؟

At school – in – they – the morning – are – always 1) They are in the morning always at school.
2) Always they are at school in the morning.
3) They are always at school in the morning.
4) Are they always in the morning at school.

براي جاهاي خالي گزينه مناسب را انتخاب كنيد؟

66.There was some …… in the glass. 1) clothes
2) glass
3) water
4) apples

67. ………she……… school everyday?
1) Does, walks
2) Do , walks
3) Do,walk
4) Does ,walk

68. This is not our teacher…….house.
1) of the
2) the
3) of
4) 's

69. A: Do you help your parents at home?
B: yes, I always help……
1) Her
2) Them
3) Your
4) Their

70. A: Is that your car?
1) Yes, that is my car.
2) I see, that are your car
3) I see, that is your car
4) No, That is your car

71. The pen is here, but the books …….here now.
1) isn’t
2) wasn’t
3) aren’t
4) weren’t

72. They …….tennis every Sunday.
1) play
2) to play
3) playing
4) plays

كدام گزينه صورت درست تغيير يافته ي جمله زير با كلمه داخل پرانتز مي باشد؟

73. How many apples are there one the plate?( rice)1) How many are there rice on the plate?
2) There are how many rice on the plate?
3) How much rice are there on the plate?
4) There are how much rice on the plate?

74. با توجه به معني املاي كدام گزينه نادرست است؟

1) ground زمين
2) nighbour :
3) bookcase :
‌قفسه كتاب
4)tonight :

75. با كلمات نامرتب زير كدام جمله ساخته مي شود؟

Never , that, from, buys, my father, dinner, restaurant. 1) My father buys never dinner from that restaurant.
2) My buys never dinner from that restaurant never.
3) My father never buys dinner from that restaurant.
4) My father from that restaurant never buys dinner.

66 - کدام گزينه برای کامل کردن عبارت زير مناسب است؟

Our breakfast ……not ready this morning. We want to have our ……at 13:00.


  67 - کدام گزینه درست است؟

1)I see a lot of book in the picture.
2)he see a books in the bag.
3)there are many trees in the park.
4)I see in the park many trees.

  68 - لغت مربوط به شکل زیر در کدام گزینه آمده است؟


  با توجّه به متن زیر به پرسش های 69 و70 پاسخ دهید:

Here,we are very happy.every thing is beautiful and nice.
We are near the sea.
And I like to swim every day.
Your friend Mina
69. ……. Writing the letter.
1)sara is
2)mina is
3)we are
4)they are
70.what dose she like to do every day?1)write a letter
2)go to the hotel
3)speak to a friend
4)swim in the sea

  71 - تلفظ کدام گزینه با بقیه متفاوت است؟


  72 - کدام گزینه مکالمه زیر را کامل می کند؟

A:they went there at 7:30.
What about your brother?
B:He went there ………. .

1)by bus
2) with my mother
3)at 9:00
4) to see the boy

  73 - املای کدام گزینه درست نمی باشد؟


  74- کدام گزینه جملات زیر را کامل می کند؟

A:we wash dishes……….
B:we see bicycles……….

1)at school,in a zoo
2)in the kitchen,on the desk
3)in a zoo,at school
4)in the kitchen,in the street

  75 - با توجه به شکل،کدام گزینه عبارت را کامل می کند؟

A:………trees are in the picture?
B:there are many trees in the picture.

2)Are many
3)How many
4)How much

66. با توجه به معني، املاي كدام كلمه نادرست است؟

1) hangry : گرسنه
sleep : ‌خوابيدن
potato : سيب زميني
onion : پياز  

  67. كدام لغت درس معني نشده است؟

1) river : ‌رودخانه
of course : البته
French : فرانسوي
break : شنا كردن  

  68. تلفظ حرف «g» در كدام لغت با بقيه تفاوت دارد؟

1) river : ‌رودخانه
of course : البته
French : فرانسوي
break : شنا كردن  

  68. تلفظ حرف «g» در كدام لغت با بقيه تفاوت دارد؟

1) grden

  69. مناسب ترين پاسخ منفي شده ي پرسش زير كدام است؟

Can your sister get up at 6:00?

1) No, your sister cant get up at 6:00
2) No, she cants gets up at 6:00
3) No, my sister can get up at 6:00
4) No, she cant get up at 6:00

  70. با كلمات نامرتب زير كدام عبارت (شامل دو جمله) ساخته مي شود.

Speak / can / not / she / practice / her/ well / Arabic / lesson / should / she

1) she can not practice her, lesson, she should speak Arabic well.
2) she should not practice her Arabic lesson. She can speak well.
3) she can not Arabic well. She should practice her lesson.
4) she can speak Arabic, she should practice her lesson well.

  71. كدام گزينه مكالمه ي زير را كامل مي كند؟

A: Excuse me, Ahmad
B: yes , ….. ?
A: whats the matter?
B: I had ……..

1) what is ti , a bad day.
2) what it is , my lunch
3) cant you stay here, a bad day
4) what about you, my dinner

  72. كدام گزينه ، جملات زير را كامل مي كند؟

Reza cant …. Well , but the likes swimming in the …..very much.

1) swim, sea
2) break, street
3) wash, sea
4) swim, street

  73. جمله ي زير با كدام كلمه كامل مي شود؟

You can ….. your jacket, it is not cold.

1) take on
2) take off
3) phone
4) trune on

  با توجه به متن به دو پرسش «» و «» پاسخ دهيد؟

My family and I usually go to visit sick people on Friday- Last Friday my father was sick and we stayed at home. We had some guesls.

74. when was the father sick?1) on firdays
2) last firday
3) Next Friday
4) Every day
75. when do the family go to visit sick people?1) on Fridays
2) last Friday
3) Next firday
4) Every day

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